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Renegade Science
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Revolutionise Detection. 

Democratize Diagnostics.

Connecting Dots

Level Up Detection

Our revolutionary platform combines advanced artificial intelligence algorithms with state-of-the-art Nanites, enabling us to detect and quantify  individual molecules with unprecedented precision and sensitivity.

This breakthrough technology has the power to unlock a multitude of applications, including ultra-early disease detection

Detect Anything

Programmable DNA Nanite Technology. Can target any molecule

No Purification

Process Samples without purification steps. One Pot buffer requirement.

A.I Powered

State of the Art Neural Network - Our DetectX system

Real Time Results

Results displayed in Real time, no separate analysis required.

Unprecedented Sensitivity. Unparalleled versatility.

Our AI-driven approach not only accelerates scientific discovery but also leads to game-changing advancements in personalized medicine, diagnostics, and environmental monitoring. By harnessing the power of single-molecule detection, we're empowering researchers, clinicians, and innovators to push the boundaries of what's possible.


Invenirex isn't just a start-up; it's a catalyst for transformation. Join us in revolutionizing molecular analysis, propelling scientific progress, and ushering in a new era of innovation. Together, we're reshaping industries, improving human lives, and pioneering the future of single-molecule detection. Elevate your ambitions with Invenirex and be part of a ground-breaking journey towards limitless possibilities.

Built by Scientists,

for Scientists.

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